The Interviews: A Fun and Friendly Place to Play

The recruitment policy of any club is going to play a massive part in the future of local cricket in the NCU. Despite official numbers, participation is dwindling and clubs […]

The Interviews: Far Away, So Near

Throughout this series of interviews, we have covered the many challenges that are facing the game of cricket in Ulster today. While there are definite solutions to be found for […]

The Interviews: And now, a Message from Our Chairman

For the last four seasons Chris Escott has been the Chairman of our club. It’s a simple statement that has scant regard for the amount of work that this role […]

The Interviews: Bangorians of the World Unite

There are few members of Bangor Cricket Club who are as instantly likeable as Taj Onyekwelu. Having just completed one interview in a different part of Bangor, I have spent […]

The Interviews: Pushing the Boundaries (although they’ll still not be big enough)

Somewhere in Northern Ireland or perhaps further afield there is a young man who kept wicket for CSNI 3rds back in 2008. I often wonder what happened to this glove […]

The Interviews: A Bangorian Abroad

One of the biggest problems that local cricket clubs face is the exodus of talent that leave these shores to make their lives elsewhere. Indeed, the best aspect of the […]

The Interviews: A Prince Amongst Men

A huge part of Bangor Cricket Club’s success in the latter part of 2017 and the whole of the 2018 season is that we have had numerous options to turn […]

The Interviews: Class Personified

There are few men that are part of the Bangor 1st XI squad that are held in quite as high regard as Nicky McCollum. The five previous interviewees in this […]

The Interviews: The Wandering Star

Historically, recruitment is an area in which Bangor Cricket Club has been found lacking. Sustained by the never ending pool of talent to come from Bangor Grammar, we have been […]

The Interviews: Body & Soul

The glorious summer of 2004 will be long remembered as the Bangor Cricket Club’s most successful season. Between them, the five senior teams won six trophies, a feat never achieved […]

The Interviews: Making an Icon

It was at an end of season dinner in the Bangla that I mentioned first the concept for “The Interviews”. Being a shy and retiring bunch the idea was met […]

The Interviews: Heartbeat of the Side

When the concept for ‘The Interviews’ was conceived there would have been few more wildly anticipated than that of Ricky McLarnon. The custodian of the First XI gloves for more […]

The Interviews: All Dingers are Equal…

Smiling and relaxed, Chris Burns takes his seat opposite me to discuss the finer points of the 2018 season. In what was widely regarded as Bangor Cricket Club’s best season […]